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Personalised Medicine  Kartoniert (TB)
Personalised Medicine Kartoniert (TB)

The mammalian genome is constantly challenged by exogenous and endogenous threats. Although much is known about the mechanisms that maintain genome integrity little is known about the applications of this knowledge to combat human disease. The past 20 years has witnessed extensive research and progress in this area and scientists started to design new therapies harnessing individual genetic differences among patients to combat degenerative disorders and cancer. We summarize these advancements and discuss perspectives for the future of personalized medicine.

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Personalised Health Care  Kartoniert (TB)
Personalised Health Care Kartoniert (TB)

Practitioners are increasingly adopting a personalised medicine approach to individually tailored patient care especially disease diagnosis and treatment with the use of biomarkers. However development and implementation of such approaches to chronic disease prevention need further investigation and concerted efforts for proper use in healthcare systems. This book provides high-quality multidisciplinary knowledge from research in personalised medicine specifically personalised prevention of chronic disease. It addresses different perspectives of prevention in the field and is the outcome of a four-year work of the Personalized prevention of Chronic Disease (PRECeDI) Consortium a multi-disciplinary and multi-professional team of experts. The Consortium jointly agreed to document and address the five aspects or domains of personalised medicine and prevention as individual chapters: Identification of biomarkers for theprevention of chronic disease Evaluation of predictive genomic applications Ethico-legal and policy issues surrounding personalised medicine Roles and responsibilities of stakeholders in informing healthy individuals on their genome: a sociotechnical analysis Identification of organisational models for the provision of predictive genomic applications The book focuses on the Consortium's recommendations that are derived from each of these domains based on up-to-date evidence and research that the authors write follow and systematically organise and report. Personalisation of health care is eventually a driver of innovation in research and healthcare systems. With this SpringerBrief on Personalised Health Care: Fostering Precision Medicine Advancements for Gaining Population Health Impact the Consortium provides further evidence of the clinical validity and utility of personalised medicine with special emphasis on the prevention of chronic diseases. The book is a useful resource for policy makers industry and healthcare professionals scientists technology-sector professionals investors citizens and private companies that need proper advice to realise the potential of personalised medicine.

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Shasta Press: Fertility for Beginners: The Fertility Diet and Health Plan to Start Maximizing Your Fertility
Shasta Press: Fertility for Beginners: The Fertility Diet and Health Plan to Start Maximizing Your Fertility

Fertility for Beginners: The Fertility Diet and Health Plan to Start Maximizing Your Fertility , The Fertility Diet and Health Plan to Start Maximizing Your Fertility , Studium & Erwachsenenbildung > Fachbücher, Lernen & Nachschlagen

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Fertility and Other Stories
Fertility and Other Stories

Fertility and Other Stories , > , Ausgabe: Translated, Erscheinungsjahr: 199805, Produktform: Kartoniert, Titel der Reihe: European Classics##, Übersetzung: Brougher, Valentina~Miller, Frank J., Besonderer Beitrag (Solist): Brougher, Valentina, Auflage/Ausgabe: Translated, Seitenzahl/Blattzahl: 263, Themenüberschrift: FICTION / Literary~FICTION / Short Stories (single author), Fachschema: Fiction - General, Fachkategorie: Belletristik: allgemein und literarisch, Imprint-Titels: European Classics, Warengruppe: TB/Belletristik/Romane/Erzählungen, Fachkategorie: Belletristik: Erzählungen, Kurzgeschichten, Short Stories, Text Sprache: eng, UNSPSC: 49019900, Warenverzeichnis für die Außenhandelsstatistik: 49019900, Verlag: NORTHWESTERN UNIV PR, Länge: 200, Breite: 132, Höhe: 24, Gewicht: 354, Produktform: Kartoniert, Genre: Importe, Genre: Importe, Herkunftsland: VEREINIGTE STAATEN VON AMERIKA (US), Katalog: Gesamtkatalog, Katalog: internationale Titel, Unterkatalog: Bücher, Unterkatalog: Taschenbuch,

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Was sind mögliche Fehler bei der Verwendung des Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitors?

Mögliche Fehler bei der Verwendung des Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitors können sein, dass der Monitor nicht richtig eingescha...

Mögliche Fehler bei der Verwendung des Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitors können sein, dass der Monitor nicht richtig eingeschaltet oder kalibriert wurde, dass der Teststab nicht korrekt eingeführt wurde oder dass der Monitor nicht regelmäßig verwendet wird. Es ist auch wichtig, die Anweisungen sorgfältig zu befolgen und den Monitor in einem angemessenen Temperaturbereich aufzubewahren.

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Fertility Control  Kartoniert (TB)
Fertility Control Kartoniert (TB)

The world's population is growing at an unsustainable rate. From a baseline ?gure of one billion in 1800 global population is predicted to exceed nine billion by 2050 and 87. 8% of this growth will be localized in less developed countries. Such uneven population growth will yield a harvest of poverty malnutrition disease and en- ronmental degradation that will affect us all. Amongst the complex mixture of political social cultural and technological changes needed to address this issue the development of improved methods of fertility regulation will be critical. The inadequacy of current contraceptive technologies is indicated by recent data s- gesting that the contraceptive needs of over 120 million couples go unmet every year. As a direct consequence of this de?cit 38% of pregnancies are unplanned and more than 50% end in an abortion generating a total of 46 million abortions per annum particularly among teenagers. If safe effective contraceptives were ava- able to every couple experiencing an unmet family planning need 1. 5 million lives would be saved each year (UNFPA 2003). Progress in contraceptive technology should not only generate more effective methods of regulating fertility but should also provide a range of methods to meet the changing needs of the world's population. Contraceptive practice was revo- tionized in 1960 in the US and 1961 in Europe by the introduction of the oral contraceptive pill by Gregory Pincus MC Chang and colleagues based on fun- mental hormone research conducted in Germany.

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Human Fertility  Kartoniert (TB)
Human Fertility Kartoniert (TB)

Human Fertility: Methods and Protocols is intended for all practitioners of reproductive medicine and ART as well as for embryologists and reproductive developmental cell and molecular biologists and others in the biomedical sciences. The volume presents straight-forward manner best practice approaches for overcoming a host of fertility challenges. Written in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series format chapters include introductions to their respective topics lists of the necessary materials and reagents step-by-step readily reproducible laboratory protocols and tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls. Authoritative and cutting-edge Human Fertility: Methods and Protocols aids scientists in continuing to study assisted reproductive technologies.

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Ward, Rupert: Personalised Learning for the Learning Person
Ward, Rupert: Personalised Learning for the Learning Person

Personalised Learning for the Learning Person , Bücher > Bücher & Zeitschriften

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Female and Male Fertility Preservation
Female and Male Fertility Preservation

Female and Male Fertility Preservation , Bücher > Bücher & Zeitschriften

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Grand, Charlotte: The Fertility Kitchen
Grand, Charlotte: The Fertility Kitchen

The Fertility Kitchen , The Essential Guide to Supporting your Fertility , >

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Analyzing Contemporary Fertility  Kartoniert (TB)
Analyzing Contemporary Fertility Kartoniert (TB)

This edited volume offers state-of-the-art research on the dynamics of contemporary fertility by examining the implications of the economic and social forces that are driving the rapid change in fertility behavior and the changing context determinants and measurement of contemporary human reproduction. The volume explores new theoretical avenues that seek to incorporate uncertainty examine social contagion effects and explain the rise in childlessness. Reproductive attitudes are re-examined in chapters that deal with models of parenthood and with the persistence of race-ethnic-nativity differences. A new and important subject of multi-partner fertility is also described by examining it in the context of total fertility and from the usually neglected perspective of men. The impact of divorce on fertility the measurement of childlessness and the postponement of first births developments in assortative mating and fertility and current patterns of interracial fertility are also addressed in this volume. By combining up-to-date research spanning the entire field to illuminate contemporary developments the book is a valuable source for demographers sociologists economists and all those interested in understanding fertility in today's world.

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Obesity And Fertility  Kartoniert (TB)
Obesity And Fertility Kartoniert (TB)

This book outlines the current understanding of how obesity affects female reproductive function across the lifespan. Topics include physiology of the menstrual cycle and early pregnancy best practices in the delivery of contraceptive and prenatal care and healthcare policy that weighs the evidence in appropriate balance with principles that respect women's rights. Special attention is devoted to the idea that obesity's adverse effects are likely trans-generational; that is children born to obese mothers are at increased risk for obesity diabetes and cardiovascular disease later in life. Patients and their physicians need to be aware of the additional risks obesity confers in pregnancy and outline a plan of care that includes counseling preconceptionally antepartum intrapartum and postpartum in order to decrease morbidity. Obesity and Fertility provides advice for reproductive medicine physicians and gynecologists to help guide obese patients toward improved reproductive health and outcomes.

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Cancer And Fertility  Kartoniert (TB)
Cancer And Fertility Kartoniert (TB)

This unique textbook is designed to provide a summary of state of the art developments in both male and female fertility and its association with cancer for both new and experienced practitioners. Clear concise and readable the text allows the reader to obtain rapid answers to this challenging medical issue. Special emphasis is placed on diagnostic and treatment algorithms. Topics covered include demographics of cancer in the reproductive age male fertility conditions which predispose to cancer development the role of assisted reproduction for fertility management as well as fertility preservation strategies for the male and female cancer patients. Cancer and Fertility will be of great value to general urologists uro-oncologists gynecologists medical oncologists obstetricians primary care providers allied health providers.

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